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Games and interactive Flash content

Flabaco converts Flash content to video. A video is not interactive except for actions like play, rewind, pause, etc. When interactive Flash content is submitted to Flabaco, the converted output, which is video, is not interactive.

Suppose you submit a Flash game or interactive swf file to Flabaco, it will generate a video which displays the initial screen of the application. If the initial screen has animated content, Flabaco will convert such animation of the splash screen. However the user cannot interact with it or cannot click on any buttons. The user can only peform actions on the converted video such as play, rewind, pause, etc.

Hence Flabaco is not useful to convert games and interactive flash content.

However, for non-interactive Flash content such as Flash intros and banners, Disney cartoons, anime and storyboards Flabaco generates excellent quality video. Flabaco does its best to preserve the quality, frame rate and color definition.