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Swf file size limits

Converting a swf online consumes server resources.

Converting a swf file consumes server resources in terms of memory (RAM) and processing (CPU) time. Some Swfs demand greater server resources than others. If a conversion takes excessive time or resources, it can impact other conversions in Flabaco’s system.

Hence, limits are imposed to protect Flabaco from getting overloaded, especially when it’s busy with many conversions.

If your conversion fails due to Flabaco’s server limits, please use the support section to contact the administrator to manually override the limits for your conversion. When the administrator overrides limits, the system is monitored and lifting such limits its safe for the system.

Swf file size limit

The Swf file-size is not a problem in terms storage space. However there are reasons for restricting the swf filesize, one of the reasons being security. The Swf filesize limit depends upon the method by which you submit the swf file.

When you Upload a file, the maximum file-size is is 7 MB. When you Submit a swf Url, the limit is 100 MB.

If you Submit a swf Url please ensure the link is not too slow.