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Using the converted HTML 5 videos on your site.

There are various situations for the need to convert swf to video. One such situation is to convert a website’s Flash Banner or Flash Intro into an HTML5 equivalent. Hence the next step after converting a SWF to video, is to upload the converted videos to a website and use the HTML 5 <video /> tag to embed the video in place of the flash media.

Before doing this, keep in mind that there is some functionality you might want to include with the HTML5 <video /> tag in order for the videos to appear identical to the original flash content, namely:

  1. Ability to click on a video to redirect the user to another page just as a flash ad would do so.
  2. The video should play automatically after the page loads.
  3. The video might need to play in a loop forever.
  4. You might want to hide the video controls which appear with the <video /> tag because there are not needed – after all the video plays automatically and loops forever.

Making the <video /> tag clickable might be easy but ensuring the rest of the above requires attention. There are existing javascript video players to help with the above but finding a clean and reliable solution across browsers requires research.

As the next step to benefit its users Flabaco will recommend ways to achieve the above in a reliable, cross-browser way.