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Which type of Flash content can be converted to video

Supported Flash file formats

SWF files are supported. SWF is a Adobe Flash format used for multimedia, vector graphics and ActionScript. Flash content authored for the web is normally exported or compiled to a .swf file which can be converted by Flabaco. The rest of the Flash formats such as .fla .swc .flv are not recognized.

Flash Banners, Flash Intros, Flash Animations and other HD flash content designed for websites and rich internet applications are examples of flash content which can be converted.

HD Flash content

Animation such as anime, storyboards, cartoons, disney which are designed in flash can be converted. Such content maybe of longer duration and might have higher resolutions.

Flabaco can convert such type of high resolution content; it preserves the frame-rate (fps), color intensity and picture quality. When Flabaco converts a Swf to video, it compresses the output video in order to reduce the video filesize. When it does this, it does it best preserve picture quality.

Action Script(ed) content

Action script is the programming language used to create flash content programatically using tools such as Flash Builder Platform or Adobe Flex. Flabaco can convert such action scripted swf files to video.

What about content designed in Flash CS5 or CS4, etc?

Flash CS5 and similar flash tools are popular choices for creating Flash content. After designing is complete and when the content needs to be saved for the web it is normally saved as a SWF file. Hence although your flash content is created with the Flash CS suite it can still be saved to a SWF and converted to video.